Who's this Addison guy?

I think its hard for a creative to describe themselves so I'm hoping that describing the way I view the world may do that for me. I see the world as grey. Not one singular bland color but a marvelous mix of black and white that can create an incredible number of shades. The world is a complex place where there are not always clear answers, but rather a intricate mix of different perspectives. The secret is in between the black and white, the right and wrong, the good and the bad. I navigate my way through it's complexities defining my own shade of grey. Some days as a photographer, some days as a business owner, some days as a marketer, and most days a combination of them all. My aim with my work is to tell stories from the experiences life has given me and explore the insane amount of grey out in the world. 

If you think thats too pretentious or just pretentious enough shoot me an email:

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