Bonnaroo Music Festival

In June of 2019, I collaborated with Bonnaroo's marketing team to create content that strategically captured the festival through an attendees eyes and covered their key narratives. I focused on intimacy and capturing genuine moments as I made my way through the weekend. Talking to festival goers on "the farm", I started to understand why Bonnaroo was so special to so many people. Contextualizing their stories, I kept a keen eye out for the magical moments I heard about so many times before. Infectious smiles, twinkly eyes,  and tears of joy filled my memory cards and eventually made their way to Bonnaroo's socials and archive to be used on future projects. 



Booneshine Brewing Co. 

Booneshine is a Craft Brewery located in Boone, North Carolina. Starting out with establishing key narratives, important publics, and significant goals with the owners, I was able to plan a cohesive brand approach to the humble, outdoorsy beer drinkers of Western North Carolina. I increased the visibility and appeal of the brand by creating engaging visuals that additionally functioned as tools to disseminate the brands values. I executed a critically planned multi-channel strategy that listened the customer and was agile in its adaptions. We found success as the social media account followings steadily increased and our surveys reveled a higher brand recognition. 

My Affect

Through providing strategic and dynamic visuals I was able to help attract traffic to Booneshine's Instagram.  My main goal was to amplify the brewery's story to a interested public. The #MeetUsMonday series personalized the brand by showing the people behind the delicious beer. I photographed the brew masters and included some some of their favorite aspects of the surrounding area. Combining a face and personal details helped cement their local narrative and included their customer in it.  

Through these strategies I was able to increase their Instagram following by 20% over a 4 month period with noticeable brand recognition and interaction.



Brother Moto

Brother Moto is a coffeeshop, motorcycle shop, candle shop, and clothing store located in Atlanta, Georgia. I reached out after connecting with them over social media. I created a series of lifestyle fashion images for their website and social media platforms. I casted the model, created mood boards, and scouted locations that would help create a cohesive landscape encouraging their brand. A backbone of the company is authenticity and kindness and so I ensured that the details of the shoot were done with care and attention to emphasis their precise branding. An abandoned warehouse, man bun and sunny day later I was able to deliver images that helped further Brother Moto's message.



Howest International

Howest is an internationally connected university located in Kortijk, Belgium. I introduced a multi-channel media plan to increase visibility and understanding to potential partnering universities and students. The implementation of descriptive visual tactics helped highlight the engaging, educational, and fun experience they could offer and proved to increase interest in their University. 

Student Testimonials

By photographing the international students on Howest's campus and incorporating the schools branding aesthetics into these interview graphics I was able to add visual details to the empowering stories being told. They were distributed to Facebook, Instagram and their website to to create trustworthy and relatable advocates for the school. I used consistency, subtly and strategy to make these a powerful tool for Howest to recruit students and partners. 

Happy Trails Podcast

Leveraging my strategy of making Howest more personal and welcoming I produced, hosted, edited and promoted a podcast called Happy Trails. In every episode, I interviewed international students about travel, culture and the lifestyles of different countries. Through sharing anecdotes of home countries and their experience at Howest on the show I was able to connect potential students to the experience of studying abroad at Howest. Verbal storytelling is one of the most trusted communication techniques, the show being  from the perspective of young students proved to be a strong tool to easily build trust in the university.

Check out an episode here


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